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Your tears are mine// Susan Blake

for saving the dolphins in Taiji


Country Award Winner - singer and songwriter.

She had already played the piano and zither as a small child, later had her own keys to the local church, where she could carry out her passion – playing the organ - and was a regular member of the church choir.

Like church music and folk music, pop and jazz interest her greatly. Since she always regarded music as one, she wanted to learn several styles.

At 18, she performed as a singer of the Hungarian Blasko Dixieland band, later with the Luckyboys Dixieland Band and the world-famous Benko Dixieland Band and Joe Muranyi (Louise Armstrong’s former clarinet player), with whom she was celebrated in numerous festivals at home and abroad. There have been several CD productions, e.g. Let's do it, Dixietime, When you're smiling... etc.

Voice of the Year: In 2004 Susan won second place at the Hungarian TV show "Voice of the Year” with the song "I will love again".

Viva Las Vegas Show, Birdland: In 2005 she held a successful Acid Jazz concert in Birdland together with the Hungarian "Jazz Daniels Band". In 2007 she sang at the Viva Las Vegas dinner show with Marianne Schöftner and Perry Anakis.

Eurovision Song Contest: For the Hungarian premiere of the Eurovision Song Contest, Susan handed in the title "Erintes (Touch the Earth) in 2008. She composed the song together with Mészáros Gábor and wrote the English text.

Vienna: In 2004, the mother-of-two moved to Vienna and despite her two unfortunate marriages, Susan successfully made her self-composed songs in Austria.

 Country: In addition to the love of jazz and pop, the natural climber developed a strong bond to country music.

In 2012, she met Kurt Pinger, Country Radio Revolution, who then played her songs on the radio, and introduced them with full motivation and faith to the country scene in Austria and Europe.


"Coming home" EP, Gußfuss Records, Vienna

"Rocking chair", Single-CD Edition, Gusstfuss Records, Vienna

Country Award: In 2016 she won Best Song of the Year with her song "Rocking Chair" at the Austrian Country Awards.

Dolphin Project: In the same year, she married the Austrian bass legend and composer Edi Mayr and, together with the world-famous Hungarian filmmaker Mihaly György, produced her new song for the rescue of the dolphins in Taiji, titled "Your Tears Are Mine". This track has gained great popularity worldwide, and has managed to bring attention to the fact that these animals are conscious beings.

The composer without genres: Whether it be pop, jazz or country, her songs are very much in demand in the music scene. E.g. Her new duet "How could I?" will already be a supporting act at Laura van den Elzen's (DSDS Winner) European tour in 2017.




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